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CEFCU @ Work

What does partnership footnote 1 mean?

Partnering with CEFCU provides another employee benefit — one your employees will really appreciate. The partnership doesn’t cost you (or your employees) a thing, but it gives you both so much.

Partner Benefits

You and your employees can enjoy:

  • Affordable loan options
  • Financial education
  • Special offers
  • Free account access
  • A dedicated account representative
  • Personal financial services

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How is CEFCU different?

At CEFCU, you’re not a customer, you’re a member/owner. We provide personal service to you and your employees. Unlike banks, CEFCU doesn’t have stockholders — we’re owned by members — so our earnings are returned to members through lower loan rates, fewer fees, and more benefits.

Plus, when business results permit, CEFCU returns excess capital to our member/owners. Since 2010, CEFCU has returned $415 million to members in the form of an Extraordinary Dividend. footnote 2

Isn’t it time to join the 600 companies already partnering with CEFCU? Contact an account executive to find out all the ways you can partner with CEFCU or to set up a visit to your facility.

Enjoy Free Checking & More!

Open a free CEFCU Checking account and receive up to $175.

See Checking Details

The Nicest Card!

Special rates, plus receive up to $50 cash back or extra bonus points when you open a qualifying CEFCU Mastercard®.

See Credit Card Details

Refer & Get Rewarded!

CEFCU members who refer a co-worker or family member could receive a special offer for both the member and the friend.

See Details

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Your CEFCU Partnership

Are you taking advantage of all CEFCU offers you? A CEFCU partnership footnote 1 allows you and your employees access to great benefits.

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  • On-site seminars
  • Lunch & Learn events
  • Deposit and lending products
  • Cash Management and Payroll services
  • Customized marketing materials
Did you know…
Your CEFCU account executive will work with you to set up financial education events at your facility. Ask us what seminars are available!
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  • Special savings opportunities at on-site events
  • Free financial education options
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Great rates on Vehicle Loans
  • Access to over 30,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Shared branches nationwide
  • Affordable Mortgages
  • Online & Mobile Banking
Did you know…
CEFCU won’t sell the servicing of your Mortgage, so you get personal service for the life of your Loan.

Your Business Development Team

Our California and Illinois representatives serve companies across the United States and can partner with you for:

  • On-site account opening
  • Direct deposit of paychecks
  • Loan application assistance
  • Free financial education seminars
  • Benefit fairs and on-site events
  • Free communication materials
  • Advance special offers notification
  • Weblinks, banners, and content for your Intranet
  • Personalized newsletter articles
  • Informative and promotional emails
  • And much more!

Contact an account executive to get more information, set up a learning event, or organize a visit to your facility.

kimberley Kimberley Schoenbein
Business Development Account Executive
Based in McLean County
ext. 37962
angie Angie Sepich
Business Development Account Executive
Based in Peoria County
ext. 32627
courtney Courtney Bouvet
Business Development Account Executive
Based in Sangamon County
ext. 37369
amanda Amanda Singleton
CA-Business/Community Development Representative
ext. 51392
felipe Felipe Heredia
CA-Business/Community Development Representative
ext. 51310
sylvia Sylvia Contreras
CA-Business/Community Development Representative
ext. 51378

Didn’t find the information you need?

Is offering CEFCU membership really beneficial for my employees?
Yes, your employees get to take advantage of great rates and lower fees, which will save them money. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your employees.

Can you come to our location?
Yes, contact us to schedule a visit. During that time we can help employees set up CEFCU accounts and direct deposit.

Do you provide financial education for employees?
We can conduct seminars at your location and provide you with educational materials. In addition, CEFCU has partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide members with financial counseling and information.

Is there a cost to the company?
Partnering with CEFCU is free. We think it’s something your employees will really appreciate because they’ll have access to affordable Loans, free Checking, and more. Call us today to get started.

Will I have to spend a lot of time setting up this program?
No, we’ll work with your employees to set up their accounts. Periodically we will send you helpful promotional information that you can post or forward to your employees.

I have a friend who works for a company with CEFCU. How do I join?
Your friend’s company has partnered with CEFCU, so your friend qualifies for membership. Before you can join, you need to work for a partner company or meet membership requirements.

I want to buy a home, but I don’t know where to start.
We can help you through the entire Mortgage process. Start with our Home Loan Center, ask your employer about hosting a seminar on buying a home, and contact us for personal help.

Do your seminars cost anything?
We work with our partners, including your employer, to provide free financial education. Talk to us about what’s available, and we can work with your employer to get you access.

My company partners with CEFCU. How does that help me?
CEFCU members not only get great rates and lower fees; but there are perks, like direct deposit and special promotions, too. Come visit us the next time we’re at your place of work, and we’ll get you started!

I don’t live close to a CEFCU, so how can I bank with you?
First, we’ll sign you up for Direct Deposit, and you can designate where your paycheck goes — Checking, Savings, Loans. CEFCU also has great eServices, like Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Electronic options are secure and fast.

1. Partner companies are independent companies that have entered into an agreement with CEFCU to have CEFCU provide credit union membership as an employee benefit.

2. The Extraordinary Dividend is not guaranteed, and can only be authorized by CEFCU's volunteer Board of Directors when business results allow.